Feel free to move this to the VM section - but as I was doing the LDAP password from the VAMI interface - I figured it might have a better chance here.

We are deploying a VMware platform here at $employer, so the Zimbra appliance is enticing but I have spent considerable time getting two Zimbra appliances acting as LDAP primary and slave respectively to talk to each other. The slave is able to connect to the primary and then is unable to bind using the zimbra name (because of a incorrect password) I rebuilt the VM's several times using simpler and simpler passwords and it just wouldn't work. Is there some special sauce that I am missing? Or should I just use the ZCS under Linux VM's instead

Reading the forums, it seems most folks who do use the appliance use it as a single all-in one server where it's all self contained. BTW for the documentation, the link to the HTML version of the appliance documentation takes you to the Network Edition instead. (so the appliance documentation is only available as a PDF)