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Thread: NFS Client not installed on ZCA 8????

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    Angry NFS Client not installed on ZCA 8????

    So I'm trying to move my backups to an NFS share. I tested the share on a 10.04 LTS server I have...everything works fine.

    So I move to setting up on my Zimbra Appliance that is using the same version as my test server. When attempting to mount the NFS share I get an error. Then I tried to see if showmount -e would show the NFS share. I get an error that the nfs-common package is not installed.

    I don't think installing this package will break anything but who knows at this point. Has anyone setup backing up to a NFS share on the APPLIANCE. I've found plenty of threads using NE or Open Source but nothing specific to the Appliance. My understanding is the Appliance is pretty stripped down.




    Should I go on?


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    Okay so after a lot of reading and some help from Zimbra support here's the deal.

    NO - the NFS Client is not installed on the appliance (it should have been given the documentation states that it is supported so required packages should already be installed)

    apt-get nfs-common FAILS due to the update repositories being out of date.

    First you must do:

    apt-get update

    This updates the package index. Once this completes run:

    apt-get nfs-common

    The package should install properly.

    From here I was able to edit my fstab entry and mount the NFS share.

    Off like a prom dress....More testing to do....

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