I love using the Zimbra app for Android. I run into a few issues but nothing that is a show stopper for me.

Everytime I turn off and on my phone and launch the app it asks me to confirm administrator rights as if I am installing/activating it for the first time.

Suggestions to the app i'd like to make:

- Syncing all folders automatically instead of just the inbox folder, as I do have rules where certain e-mails go to their respective folders, but only see new ones if I open that folder up and tell it to refresh.

- When an e-mail is received and I view it on zimbra desktop or the webclient, it should no longer show it as a new e-mail in my notifications on my android phone. By the end of the day it shows I have a certain number of e-mails unread, but when I open it, they have already been viewed using another app.

Other than that it's a great program that i've been using for several months. Thanks a bunch for this!