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    Default Screen lock

    I was stoopid enough not to uncheck the 'force pin on device' on the default cos before activating the devices. I had to set a pin on them. It is driving us nuts, changed the setting for both the cos and the accounts but the NONE screen lock option is still disabled. How long until the new security policy settings will be pushed to the device? I have been waiting for 6 hours now, and I have a horrible feeling that this function is not yet implemented...

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    I did that once, when I was first starting out. As I recall, removing the setting from the COS was immediate on the mobile device. Although, this was back in 2009.

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    I managed to turn pinlock off for an account with iPhone, but it just would not give me back the "no screenlock" option on the android. That is why I think that this is a function that is not implemented on this new android app.

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