First of all, I want to say great job making a competitive Activesync client. I'm not a Zimbra server customer, so I can't speak to that, but I've been using Zimbra since the day the Fling was published and it's working great. Jury is still out for me, but it's been weeks now and I haven't gone back to Touchdown which is saying a lot. I think my long term client decision will be based on how often the Zimbra client is updated with fixes and features, to be honest. That said, here is my wishlist:

  1. Add ability to set email priority when sending
  2. Add sync schedule options, e.g. push vs poll, poll intervals
  3. Fix tasks - I only see tasks created on the phone, not in my Outlook account
  4. Add support for Notes syncing (Touchdown has this)
  5. Make it easier to change modes. I feel the top-left button is not very accessible
  6. Add default zoom level setting for those of us with poor vision!
  7. Fix "Loading..." message. It persists indefinitely on first run following reboot. Must kill and restart to clear.
  8. Add sync contacts to phone feature (Touchdown has this, works great. It doesn't actually sync to google account, but rather adds a new "contacts store" to the phone if that makes sense.
  9. Add email rule/filter options, e.g. "Ring loud bells when high pri email arrives"