OK, so this "fling" was released at the end of June with a request to try it out and provide feedback. From what I can tell there have been quite a few people that have either tested it or are actively using it (myself included in the latter group). However, since about mid-July there has been little to no response from the developers or really anyone associated with Zimbra/VMware, both here and in the comment sections of the fling download page.

I understand the concept of the "fling". VMware/Zimbra were under no obligation to take this any further, and they make it pretty clear on this if you read their definition of a fling on the download page. However, having said that it would be nice to get some type of update on where this project stands. An early post asked when the app would be available in the Android marketplace. The response was "soon", but as far as I can tell it hasn't happened yet. Feedback was asked for and given, but what's the use if it just seems like it is falling on deaf ears.

There have been lots of good suggestions, both here and on the fling download page, for possible improvements to the software. Honestly though I could continue to use the app as is and be happy with it. However, my company is looking to expand the use of Androids, but I could never consider rolling this app out to others with such an unsure future.

If anyone can provide any type of info on where this thing might be going it would be greatly appreciated.