I connected my Android Incredible 2 to Zimbra about 2 months ago and when I did that it cleared my entire calendar from 2 weeks prior to the entire future. It cleared everything from what I had created to other events (meetings) that I was invited to.

I did not think it was the phone until I checked the General Setting under the Exchange ActiveSync account and found that the 'Sync events for past' was set to 2 weeks (exactly how far back my calendar events were deleted).

I thought it was a fluke and left it and re-entered for the most part all of my meetings / events. However now it has happened again after a cruise I went on, the phone lost sync for the 5 days I was gone and as soon as it synced up with the server all my meetings and events were cleared out. This time a month prior as I had changed the setting to 1 month rather than 2 weeks.

So now my entire calendar from 1 month prior has been cleared to all of the future. This is a HUGE HUGE problem as all of my Calendar events are now non-existent and I have no idea when any meetings are occurring.

Any help or ideas on how to debug why this is occurring would be very very appreciated. Thank you.