From what I am seeing, it would appear that the VZA app for Android has been abandoned by VMWare. Right now it seems to crash on every ICS phone on the market and there has only been one version of it ever released as far as I can tell. So, with that in mind, I have one request to make to VMWare; If you are going to abandon the project, please Open Source it so that some of us who have Android development abilities can take the torch and continue on with it?

Zimbra is a great product, but the Community Edition doesn't support ActiveSync, so you can't get good synchronization with your phone. On top of that, certain things, like tasks and the briefcase, won't sync even if you do have the Network Edition, so this is greatly needed for the community. Come on VMWare! I can understand that you need to be careful where you expend effort and money, but there are lots of people who will finish the project for you at no cost to you.

Thanks, I'll get off my soap box now.