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Thread: VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)

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    Default VMware Zimbra for Android (VZA)

    Hi Guys,

    Just curious to know if any body has ever used VZA from Vmware labs/flings? Does it work with Open Source Edition as well or with NE?

    I need to sync my contact, calendars and Tasks but not sure if the same would work with OSE.

    please confirm.

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    Default Syncing Zimbra with Android


    VZA is not currently being developed, and is beta, I would avoid it.

    I don't think it works with OSE anyhow.

    I suggest the following apps are the best (ensure you use the pro/paid versions if you can), they all work with Network and OSE editions of Zimbra Server:

    1) Briefcase:

    "ES File Explorer" (using webdav) if you need to use Briefcase on your device.

    Alternatively, Briefcase support is 'coming soon' for "LVSync".

    N.B. Briefcase is being replaced by a related, but more free-staying and extensive file manager service - "Octopus", in Zimbra 9.

    2) Contacts:

    "CardDavSync" for contacts is well-developed.

    However, CardDavSync (because of Zimbra's own carddav limitations) can lose data certain fields in your contacts. (IM fields, more than one url per contact, ... I created a table and will reference it here soon).

    "LVSync" syncs contacts, it doesn't have the CardDav limitations - LVSync uses SOAP. However, it is currently one-way (server> phone) only.

    3) Calender:

    Both "LVSync" and "CalDavSync" sync calender events.

    Personally, I find development faster, for CalDavSync.

    4) Tasks:

    Android has no built-in Tasks, so you need software with both syncing and atask manager.

    The developer of Card- and Cal- DavSync is working on an app currently.

    "LVSyc" Tasks app syncs tasks, and provides a full app to view and manage them.

    However, note it does not currently sync tags.

    5) SMS/MMS/Call History:

    You can use SMSBackup+ to sync all your sms, mms, and call history to Zimbra. In preferences, use advanced server, not the default Gmail setup. It can also restore this data. It doesn't store sent/received timestamps however.

    6) Phone calls:

    You can record and sync to Zimbra phone calls (all, or selective) using Callrecorder. Quality friends upon device and drivers.

    7) Voicemail:

    You can you use Hullomail visual voicemail in many countries, it can sync to your Zimbra account, and transcribe the beginnings of messages (at a small cost). It can be made to work for landlines and mobiles.

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    VZA is indeed Beta and will only work with servers that support ActiveSync. (I.e., not OSE unless you use Zextras or Zpush.)

    Having said that, I have a number of users who use VZA on their Android devices, and it seems to work very well.

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