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Thread: Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2 on Oct 16th

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    Default Unicon Higher-Ed Round 2 on Oct 16th

    Course: ZCS-216: 'Boxing' ie: Evaluating Campus Wide Messaging Platforms - Zimbra vs Google Apps

    Class meets:
    Tuesday, October 16th @ 1:00pm EST
    (10am PST, 11am MST, & 12pm CST)

    Location: The Gym

    Instructor: Viral Kadakia, Director of Product and Marketing for Zimbra
    Instructor: Jim Layne, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Unicon
    Guest: Tim Wisniewski Plymouth State University
    Ring Manager: Greg Armanini Director of Marketing from Zimbra

    A major challenge you will have to square off against in Higher Education is upgrading your email and collaboration solution to meet the demands of today's digital lifestyle. Students & Faculty alike require better features, while message storage has skyrocketed and security is paramount.

    Maintaining an email and calendar system for all your constituents (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) has never been more challenging. Each has unique requirements (different platforms, mobility, integrated collaboration, archiving, varying anti-spam needs); meanwhile the rise of outsourcing has increased pressure to deploy robust integrated solutions.

    Don't worry if your out of shape - Fortunately, this course will teach you about the next-generation messaging and collaboration solutions your likely to come across. You will learn the ropes on providing administrators options to deliver the necessary innovation & flexibility without a heavy price tag. Of course, all while reducing management tasks rather than adding to the complexity.

    Can your current solution compare & go up against some of biggest contenders out there? Two of the leading solutions for higher education: Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Google Apps will be be pitted against one another (of course we all know who will win that round). But there will be plenty of discussion case studies to back it up in addition to a checklist of key requirements for campus-wide solutions that will help you with your decision making process.

    Required Equipment: You don't need to bring your own gloves, but you will need to Register Here

    Deploying ZCS on Campus - Best Practices & Lessons Learned is next - To see a complete list of planned webinars in the series check out /about/webinars.html#upcoming
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