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Thread: Nov 7th - Unicon's Higher-Ed Deployment Practices

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    Cool Nov 7th - Unicon's Higher-Ed Deployment Practices

    Course: ZCS-471: Deploying Zimbra on Campus

    Summary: In this 'senior thesis' class you will review some case studies, best practices, & important lessons learned from some major Zimbra EDU deployments!

    Class meets:
    Wed, November 7th @ 10am PST, 11am MDT, 12pm CDT, or 1pm EDT
    -If you're in the U.S. don't forget to adjust your clocks back an hour on Nov 4th (we got an extra week this year).

    Instructors: Arranged by Unicon & as always hosted by the Zimbra team!
    Moderator: Matt Asay, VP of Business Development for Alfresco & open source blogger
    Visiting Professors:

    * Pam Buffington, Project Lead, Georgia Tech
    * Mike Dickson, Special Assistant to the President, Western Illinois University
    * Dan Cody, Admin/Project Lead, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Prerequisites: As always, register for the course!

    Often the best data points about which messaging and collaboration system to choose for a campus upgrade comes after the initial deployment. Thus, finding peers who can provide real world feedback is critical to the decision making process. So we've "rounded up" some campus IT leaders to share their experiences selecting & deploying next-generation messaging solutions.

    For this webinar we will have an open panel discussion featuring Zimbra customers Western Illinois University, Georgia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It will be moderated by Matt Asay, noted open source strategist, CNET blogger (< btw read that link or this) prior InfoWorld blogger, & regular O'Reilly convention speaker (had the keynote at OSCON this year).

    A major challenge facing higher-education organizations is upgrading their email and collaboration solutions to meet the demands of today's digital lifestyle. Students require better features, while message storage has skyrocketed and security is paramount. Many are turning to feature-rich open source solutions capable of integrating students, faculty, alumni, and staff all together in a single solution.

    What you'll be knowledgeable in by the end of this course:
    • How a single solution can address the needs of and integrate students, faculty and administrators
    • Tips for migration and timelines
    • Compare previous to new deployment architecture
    • How the admin console, custom management portals, and other tools reduce help desk and other administrative tasks
    • Some of the challenges & key requirements for facilitating communication in today's digital campus
    • Why ZCS has been selected by over 200+ educational institution customers worldwide & some case-study examples a leading solution provider to higher education
    • How you can integrate campuses featuring deployments from the very small to those with tens of thousands of students, faculty, & staff
    • And my personal favorite: How a campaign goes far beyond just doing a simple technical migration, you'll literally have people begging at your feet to get on it instead of griping about having to learn something new.

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