Here is a list of some of the most common questions asked during this webinar. If you have additional questions, we suggest you post your question directly to the forums or contact Zimbra sales at

Q: Can I customize my open source edition please - just the login logo?
A: Per our license agreements, only the Network Edition allows for customization of logos.

Q: How does ZCS clustering work / scale?
A: We use Red Hat Cluster Suite to provide M+N clustering of our mailbox servers.

Q: Can you sync over the air for calendars on PalmOS Treo 650, or does that require the third party interface?
A: Yes, works today with native Versamail client

Q: Isn't Versamail only mail? Do you also sync contacts and calendar? Or just using IMAP to Versamail?
A: Versamail on Treo 650 syncs both mail and calendar. On Treo 700p it does mail, cal, and contacts.

Q: Could you confirm that the outlook MAPI will work in offline mode of outlook?
A: Correct.

Q: Can you subscribe (not import) ical remote calendars?
A: Yes. When you create a new calendar you can enter the URL of a iCalshare and subscribe to it, and reload the events as they are updated in the remote calendar.

Q: How can I migrate to Zimbra from an existing system?
A: Zimbra provides several migration tools, including Exchange migration, migration of Outlook PST files, import via REST interfaces, CSV file imports, and support for server-to-server imapsync. Several more tools are in the works.

Q: I have a 3GHz 3GB RAM server, will zimbra make full utilization of resources or do i need to configure settings?
A: Yes. Our install script will tune performance settings for tomcat and mysql.

Q: We use active directory for our users. What level of "access" into AD does zimbra need to authenticate users?
A: In order for Zimbra to use external AD/LDAP for authentication and/or GAL, you need to create a user that can see all user objects in the AD schema. Configuration of external auth/GAL is by means of an easy wizard in the Admin UI.

Q: How easy is it to upgrade from one version to another?
A: Our install scripts automatically upgrade from one version to another. All your users and mailbox data are preserved.

Q: Can calendar sharing be used between users in different servers (using multi-servers)?
A: Yes. Sharing works the same way across servers as it does on a single server.

Q: Do you support advanced Outlook features such as delegated access?
A: Yes - the Zimbra Connector for Outlook supports delegated access, along with other advanced features such as offline mode, auto-detect of online/offline status, cached mode operation, and native connectivity over HTTPS.

Q: Do the UI customizations include css and advanced features or is it just for color and brand changes?
A: Zimbra natively provides the ability to change UI themes and logos. Changes to CSS and other elements of the UI are also possible, but those changes depend on your ability to manage the code modifications and sustain them over time.

Q: Will Zimbra have a 64bit version? Have you made any tests of this kind?
A: Zimbra supports Red Hat on 64-bit today. 64-bit on other platforms is planned for the future.

Q: Does the space used for indexing a user's mailbox count against the quota for that user?
A: Not curerently.

Q: Can the birthday of a user reflect on the calendar?
A: Yes - each mailbox can also have multiple calendars, so you could create a "birthdays" calendar as well and share it with everyone.

Q: Are there any backup solutions for open source?
A: Offline backup is possible with open source. Zimbra recommends the Network Edition for advanced backup and restore functionality, such as online backup and mailbox-level restore.

Q: Are there any instructions on installing zimlets?
A: There is a complete Zimlets whitepaper available on the the website at, including how to develop, deploy, etc.

Q: Is there ical publish available for o/s yet?
A: Yes - calendars can be shared as iCalendar objects using REST URLs.

Q: Is nokia 6280 supported using symbian?
A: We have not tested that device directly, but many customers have found that devices not explicitly in the support list function correctly. Please see for a complete list of supported devices.

Q: Is there a time frame for capability with SugarCRM?
A: We are working closely woth SugarCRM but there is no time frame at this point.

Q: Where can I find custom written zimlets?
A: Many customers are writing Zimlets on their own. You can find a list of Zimbra's publicly announced Zimlets here:

Q: Is there a way to send all spam to one mailbox instead of it going to the users junk folder?
A: Yes - this can be configured at the MTA level.

Q: Are there message count or folder size limits, aside from available space?
A: Quota is based on total space. Message counts and folder sizes are not limited.

Q: How much back-end administration does zimbra need? i.e. if we are not "postfix" gurus ...
A: Many of the postfix settings hav been built into the Admin UI. Alternatively we have various tutorials available in the Zimbra Wiki for configuring Postfix.

Q: Has any customer tried zimbra out with Barracuda AS/AV?
A: Yes - in addition to our native AS/AV, we can integrate with external AS/AV and many customers have done this.

Q: How many users are now on the network edition?
A: Stay tuned for some announcements from Zimbra on this.

Q: Is there a plan to have messages stored on a different server than the front end?
A: Zimbra's native backup utilities can copy the message store(s) to protected/archive servers. Stay tuned for more on this front.

Q: Will you propose an offline client?
A: We work with offline clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail today. Stay tuned for more.

Q: Any plans to work with Goodlink?
A: Zimbra Mobile is designed for native synchronization without the need for mobile middleware. Although we have done some basic testing with Goodlink, we have found the native approach to be far more cost effective for customers.

Q: Does it support outlook rules, including server rules that can be done when outlook isn't running?
A: Server-side rules are supported - does not require Outlook to be running.

Q: Any pre-release testing on Outlook 2007?
A: We are following Outlook 2007 closely and will support it when Microsoft makes it available.

Q: What kind of patch/upgrade schedule or process do you have once Zimbra is fully deployed?
A: We do maintenance releases on a regular basis. Upgrading to the maintenance release is an easy process similar to the initial installation.

Q: How do clients setup email groups?
A: Email groups are currently managed via the administrator interface. Stay tuned.

Q: Are all of the features you have spoken of today in the open source version?
A: Please see for a comparison of the Zimbra product editions.

Q: Will syncronization with Outlook Tasks be added in the future?
A: This is on our radar. Stay tuned.

Q: In regards to the exchange migration, will Public Folders be included?
A: We are looking into this. Stay tuned.

Q: Could you explain the BlackBerry integration?
A: This is done via our partner, Notify Technologies. More information is available at

Q: is there any integration with services like Gmail?
A: What type of integration are you seeking? We are looking at things such as mail aggregation.

Q: Public Folder Features are important function. When will that be implemented?
A: The Zimbra Documents application provides a modern way to address the goals of traditional public folders, including creating and sharing rich content with individuals, groups, or the general public. We would love to hear your feedback on the use of Zimbra Documents to meet your needs.