Hello all,

We are just a bit confused still with the native Blackberry support solution for Zimbra, It seems that after spending years removing all that is Microsoft from our networks including MS Exchange which was replaced by Zimbra we find now that Zimbra's solution is to bring Microsoft back into our networks in order to make our Blackberries work.

1) MS 2003 server with LIC
2) MS Exchange with LIC
3) BES Server with LIC
4) Linux Zimbra NE with LIC

We have continued to support Zimbra with annual lic renewals and we have paid for support as well, However for some reason that may in fact be escaping us this seems to be a few steps back wards?

IF I have items 1 through 3 shown above back in my network what do I then need Zimbra for?

Maybe as stated we have totally missed something and need more direction as to how we finally get our Blackberries to work with Zimbra short of using the buggy Java Client to connect to Zimbra.

Anyone out there want to please clue us if we are right or wrong