After installing (then re-installing) BES Professional Express and ZCB last night I now have a BB 8700 functioning. As mentioned in another post, it's not a simple install procedure.

The first time I installed then activated a device it sat on the waiting for services screen. I then removed the user and tried to re-add them, but BES wouldn't allow that as I was over the single user allotment in the free version (I haven't purchased any licenses from them yet).

I believe the initial problem I had was because I'm using an external GAL and the first email address listed in the GAL is Zimbra accounts are setup with the account id of

So, I now have ZCB installed and it's syncing with the BB and looking good except for several warnings/errors in Windows Server Application event log. I see the following error:

CalICSSynchronizer::Initialize - OpenProperty failed: (0x80004002)

and the following warnings:
CalICSAgent::Start Could not Initialize Synchronizer for (0x80004002)

{} DoICS() failed: ERR_FAIL

{} MsgMemStateDb::GetRefIdByEntryId(uc*,l) - EntryId is 0

{} MsgMemStateDb::AddMessageState - EntryId is invalid

Any idea what is causing those and how to clean them up?