I am following the documentation in ZimbraBESConnector-5.0.beta2.pdf step by step.

I am currently working on "To create the BlackBerryManager profile." Every time I run through the add account wizard, it gives me an error pop-up message: "Your account could not be validated against the zimbra server. Please make sure you are online, and that you entered the correct information."

Why is this? The same information I enter here (the BB admin account I created earlier) can be used if I login to the web interface.

Furthermore, in the documentation for this section, number 8. states "Port" - yet there is no option for this.

Yes this is on Windows 2003 Server
Yes I installed the MAPI/CDO package
Yes I installed Outlook 2003
Yes I have the BB controller service stopped
Yes I verified the BB admin account works in the zimbra web interface

Any suggestions?