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    Default cannot register blackberry

    Brand-new setup, so I'm not sure where my error/problem lies. Followed the order here and all seemed to work ok. However, I cannot sucessfully run the Enterprise Activation on my phone (8700). Is one of two things, I'm guessing:

    - this phone used be part of a BES server for GroupWise. I _think_ I was able to clear it using the BB Desktop software, but maybe there is a vestige left
    - something not quite right in the connection to our Zimbra server

    I can see my name, I can see what looks like attempts, but the Ent. Activation errors out with a "contact your SysAdmin". Two possible error msgs. someting about OTAKEY and another indicating that Desktop sync is still somehow associated with the phone. Any help in deciphering the logs? And how/what to look for?'

    Server is 5.0.6 NE, ZCO is ZimbraBESConnector-5.0.0_GA_1862_5.0.2428.msi

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