I have a Nokia E61 with BlackBerry Connect installed on it and "connected" to our Zimbra BES server.

I have connected in quotes because I have a feeling the activation is only half complete and isn't looking at going any further.

In the "Activation" application the activation has stopped at "Synchronising...". When I click on the "Sync" tab it has "Sync progress" at 0% complete and "Calendar" at Initialising.

The interesting thing is it appears to be working somewhat. Emails and Calendar entries are sent to the E61. I am able to compose an email on the E61 and I can see it in the Sent folder in the Zimbra account.

The problem is deletes and read/unread status aren't being sent back to the server. Likewise new contacts in the Address Book on the Zimbra server aren't being synced to the E61.

I have a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 also connected to this BES server without the same problems. I have enabled delete on both the phone and server on the E61.

Is anyone else using a Nokia E61 in this way? If so do they experience the same problem?