Hi everyone,

I was debugging a customer's ZCB installation with our tech support team last night. It seemed that this enterprise was having problems activating some users and even if users had activated, it seemed that there were a lot of random errors that they were seeing. I thought that it was something to do with the versions of the DLLs or the paths to DLLs....an installer problem. I was wrong, the installer worked perfectly

To make a long story sort, the problem was due to the fact that Windows Search was installed on the machine running BES and ZCB. It makes a lot of sense that this could cause a problem because Windows Search will attempt to index the contents of the same mail store that ZCB references...sometimes locking out ZCB from accessing a user's mailbox!

So please double check that Windows Search is not installed on you the ZCB machine along with any other "mail aware" applications that could interfere with ZCB. "mail aware" refers to any applications, including those written by Microsoft, that do anything with mail. This would include antivirus software that scans mail, searching/indexing software, etc.... Also avoid installing anything that could include an add in to be installed on the Outlook instance on the ZCB machine.

If you absolutely need to install these kinds of software packages on the ZCB machine (due to group policy, etc...), you might want keep in mind that it could interfere with ZCB. If you experience any problems, feel free to post on the forums or contact tech support and we'll try to help you out.