I've been struggling with Zimbra support over intermittent problems regarding a new deployment of ZCB Beta 3

I have a new installation of Zimbra version 5.0.8, ZCB Beta 3 and the latest BES server. Outlook 2007 is installed and SP'd

What I'm seeing is a device which initially was refusing to be deployed, I then made sure the BES services were started according to the correct sequence (although if your reboot your machine as I do since it is a VM and has no users currently on it, the start sequence is not an issue).

I managed to deploy the device (although I still saw errors/warnings in the event viewer re: user sync failures )

The device seems to be limping along re: receiving and sending email but the calendar syncing is definitely sick, in fact syncing in general seems to be suspect.

The appropriate logs have been sent to support but I just wanted to see if others were affected.

My only suspect in all this would seem to be the device ( a BB 7000 series) as I will be sure to have the latest OS on it tomorrow and try again.