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    Default [SOLVED] Local Failure Notice

    I updated the BES to Outlook 2007 and ZCB 5.0.10, and have one user getting a Local Failure Notice:

    Local Failures were detected. No action is required.
    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

    Sync Type: Delta Sync

    Store: Zimbra - Jason M. Craddock

    Computer Name: BES

    Version: 5.0.2676.10

    This object does not have an ID, it is a newly created item

    Error Code: -2147221233
    Error Message: Unknown error 0x8004010F

    ErrorInfo::GetSource: Microsoft Office Outlook
    ErrorInfo::GetDescription: The message you specified cannot be found.

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    i had a similar failure, when adding calendar entries. mail and contacts worked.
    my solution:
    start outlook (while all blackberry processes are stopped) as user, that is running the blackberry services (in my case a local user with admin-rights and named besadmin)
    as often until no message from outlook araises.

    it took 3 time's for me! cause it asked if want extra services from microsoft, then it informed i have a test-version, then it wanted some addon's. afterwards outlook only started, without any information and question's.
    after starting up all blackberry services, it worked.


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    I tried that a number of times, but that didn't work. I had to delete the user, start and stop Outlook a number of times and then re-create the user. There was an issue with that user. With him still in there, Outlook would never finish the send/receive. Once that was done. It worked just fine.

    Thanks for the help Thomas...

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