I am running ZCB 5.0.10 Beta 3. Fresh install of Windows server 2003. Install BES pro, then upgraded to BES enterprise. No problem provisioning the first 11 accounts, last 4 will not activate. 3 of the 4 were working on the old blackberry server. This is a multi-node zimbra eviroment. 1 BES server, 1 Zimbra LDAP/MTA/Storeage, 4 Zimbra MTA/Storage servers. I have restarted zimbra services, blackberry services (in the correct order), wiped the devices and tried activation. Deleted the blackberry accounts, then re-provisioned the accounts (GAL works). The mailbox.log shows the requests being made to the BES server for intial sync when accounts are added to the BES server, the EPT.DAT message makes it to the user's mailbox, and activation times out after that. This only happens when the mailbox is located one of the MTA/Storage servers. All others function ok.