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Thread: Change Domain & Split Domain

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    Wink Change Domain & Split Domain

    Hi, I must change le zimbra domain but actually any bes users are initialised.
    I would like know if I can change the domain name without will must reconnect this users?


    CentOS 6.5 64 Bits
    ZCS NE 8.0.6
    ZCO 8.0.6
    ZCB 7.2.3
    ZCS GA 8.0.6

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    If you keep the old email address (user@olddomain.tld) as an alias for each account, it might work for auth (as ZCS' auth can be done on the mail adress of any alias).

    I'm not sure at all it'll work with ZCB (I said "it might work") and I think the user will not be able to send mail with his correct (new) email address from his handheld.

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