I came across Zimbra because it is the only Microsoft alternative that supports Blackberry.

Our current situation: Windows Server 2000, Exchange 5.5. 2nd server: Windows Server 2000 + Blackberry Enterprise Server.

I want to get rid of the first server with exchange, but in the installation manual for the blackberry connector I found out that Windows Server 2003 is a minimum requirement.

This leads to the awkward situation that I would have to buy a Win 2003 server - which something I did not want and because of that I want to migrate to Zimbra.

The Java Application for the Blackberry Curve is not as user friendly as the Blackberry device itself, especially calender views, no notes, no tasks...

Is anyone successfully running the Blackberry connector in Windows 2000 Server?

Zimbra, please put this information on the marketing pages also, not only in the installation document that in only available after registration...