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Thread: Is Zimbra compatible with Motorola's Good Mobility Suite?

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    Default Is Zimbra compatible with Motorola's Good Mobility Suite?

    My company is currently testing Zimbra Network Edition with the hope of moving to it over the current Exchange sever we are using. The company president purchased a Blackberry Bold which must be able to connect to our server. I already know the BES server will fit that bill but with one current and only a few others probably moving to Blackberry devices, Motorola's Good Mobility Suite looks very nice.

    I can find nothing on this or the Good site mentioning compatibility between the two products.

    Is Zimbra compatible with the Good Mobility Suite?


    Jim Hudgins

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    it is not.

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    You aren't going to have to spend a fortune on the BES. The Blackberry Professional Software is basically BES Light. The first user is free, and CALs are $99 a user unless you buy them in a pack. That will work for you just fine with Zimbra.

    And should you ever go over the maximum licenses allowed with that version, you just pay for an upgrade license to make it a full BES.

    Highly recommended that you put it on a virtual machine or on its own box.

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