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Thread: ZCS Connector for BlackBerry Enterpriese Edition - GAL Issue

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    Default ZCS Connector for BlackBerry Enterpriese Edition - GAL Issue

    We are running ZCS 5.0.10 Network Edition on Ubuntu LTS 6.06 LTS 32 bits. Most recently we installed ZCS Connector for Blackberry Beta 3.

    We are hosting multiple domains on the Zimbra server. The problem is that BES is picking up the GAL for only one of the domains. This is the domain in which we created the BES Administrator Zimbra Account. The rest of the domains are not visible in the GAL on the BES server, meaning we canít add/create these users on the BES.

    What this means is that we can only provide BlackBerry sync services to only one of the domains on the Zimbra server!. This defeats the purpose especially if we are hosted service provider. Is there a way of ensuring that the GAL for all domains created on the same same server are visible to all the domains on the same server?

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    Running 5.0.11 NE and Beta3 Connector and having same issues. We too host multilple domains and this would be a show stopper...


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