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Thread: [SOLVED] One Way Calendar Sync

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    Default [SOLVED] One Way Calendar Sync

    Just did a full refresh to solve this problem, and while I don't get the same error message, I have the same result. Essentially, Zimbra updates for the calendar get to the blackberry, but not from the blackberry to Zimbra.

    Here is the critical log section:

    40700] (01/27 10:45:50.046):{0x1328} {} Receiving packet from device, size=124, TransactionId=1078853842, Tag=5417, content type=CICAL, cmd=0x3
    [40000] (01/27 10:45:50.046):{0x1328} {}-HandleAppointmentToSynchronize-Entering-Tag=5417
    [30193] (01/27 10:45:50.046):{0x1328} {} Receiving calendar update from device, RefId=440517334, Tag=5417, TransactionId=1078853842
    [40000] (01/27 10:45:50.062):{0x1328} CDO helper 0f263480 is not in memory
    [40000] (01/27 10:45:50.062):{0x1328} Starting new CDO helper 0f263480
    [40574] (01/27 10:45:50.281):{0x142C} CDO helper 0f263480 started, PID 5824
    [20266] (01/27 10:45:50.671):{0x142C} {} CDOCalendar::Initialize - CreateInstance (0x80040154) failed
    [40580] (01/27 10:45:50.671):{0x142C} CDO helper 0f263480 closing after CDO initialize failure
    [40000] (01/27 10:45:50.781):{0x142C} CalHelper failed 0f263480, ErrorCode = -11, Thread activity was Checking CDO object list
    [40577] (01/27 10:45:51.328):{0x142C} CDO helper 0f263480 stopped
    [40000] (01/27 10:46:00.671):{0x1328} {} Retrying (2) CDO helper 0f263480 call in RunCalHelper
    I've read through everything I can find, both here and on just bes stuff, and can't find the solution. I even tried moving and re-registering the cdo.dll file in system32, but got the exact same error. Really struggling with this, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Update

    After unregistering both dlls, then re-registering only c:\windows\system32\cdo.dll (making sure to rename the one in ExchangeMapi), the CDO errors are now gone. I rebooted both boxes and I appear to be able to update from the blackberry now. Odd behavior in two instances:

    1. If I delete an appointment on the BBerry, it will reappear on the bberry within 30 seconds, then the appointment will delete from zimbra in another 30 seconds, then after a short period it will re-delete off of the bberry.

    2. It appears that sometimes I need to update something in zimbra for it to pick up changes in the bberry.


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