I have ZCB 4 installed on Blackberry Enterprise Server. The Blackberrys can receive e-mails however they cannot send e-mails. The error I am receiving in event viewer are all from source "BlackBerry Messaging Agent BBES Agent 1" the events I am receiving are:

Warning- Event ID: 20501- MsgMemStateDb::AddMessageState - EntryId is invalid

Warning- Event ID: 20499- MsgMemStateDb::GetRefIdByEntryId(uc*,l) - EntryId is 0

Warning- Event ID: 20280- DoICS() failed: ERR_FAIL

Warning- Event ID: 20041- CalICSAgent::Start Could not Initialize Synchronizer for (0x80004002)

Warning- Event ID: 20265- MAPIMailbox::~MAPIMailbox - DeleteAllDeviceSearches (0x00000000) failed

Error- Event ID: 10007- CalICSSynchronizer::Initialize - OpenProperty failed: (0x80004002)

If anyone could shed some light on to why I may not be being able to send e-mails from the BlackBerrys I would appreciate it.