I am not able to add user to BES right now and also I do not see GAL entry when I open Outlook "BlackBerryManager" "BlackBerryServer" profile accounts.
I waited for 2 days but I still do not see GAL entry.

I checked forum entry "ZCB with non-standard HTTPS port?"<http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimbra-connector-blackberry/19921-zcb-non-standard-https-port.html> and found that we close port 443 on our Mailbox server.
I was thinking since we close port 443 on Mailbox server we cannot sync GAL with Zimbra Server thus cannot add users to BES?
Is there anyone who can give me suggestions?

Our environment is;
Zimbra NE version 5.0.14
Ubuntu 8.04
2 Servers for MTA/Proxy/AV
1 server for LDAP/Mailbox
Multi Domain Configuration
GAL: Internal

BB Server
BB Pro ver 4.1
Zimbra Connector for BB 5.0.16

thank you