After much pain and suffering it appears we now have the following

Zimbra v5.,015 (installed and working for years now)

BES server
W23k with all updates and service packs
BES v4.1.6

At this very min. we appear to be able to activate BlackBerrys against our BES server, The operation of ZCB to Zimbra is a very fine line of stable or not stable, I hope over time it proves to be much more rebust and or stable.

Here is our problem, We can receive email all day long, Further it appears the CAL and Contacts are also coming down to the BB, However when one sends and email and or replies to one received it appears to be sent without issue however never arrives at the other end, Also of note CAL does not update from the BB back to Zimbra, Yes I have sync enabled for both Cal and Contacts, Ideas of where to first look to resolve these issues ??