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Thread: Upgraded BES to and mail no longer syncing to Blackberry's

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    Default Upgraded BES to and mail no longer syncing to Blackberry's

    I upgraded from BES to (MR5) and now devices are not receiving e-mail. When I shut down the Blackberry Connector and open Outlook with the Blackberry Server profile, I see new e-mail showing up in my mailbox, but not syncing to devices. I can message from the Blackberry Manager to devices by PIN number, so it appears my Blackberry service is OK.

    I'm stuck. What logs would be helpful for me to post to find a resolution? I have enabled Zimbra logging on the BES server.

    Our Zimbra version is 5.0.16 and we are running the non-beta ZCS Connector for BES.

    Thanks in advance for any help ...

    Put in the incorrect version of current BES. We are running
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    Did you resolve this somehow ?

    I updated our BES Express and have the same problem now. Can open Outlook on the BES box with the BlackBerryServer profile and I can see all the users and their stuff is all up to date, I can push IT policies to the devices and PIN them from the BES box, and users can browse our Intranet from their devices and use MSN/Facebook/whatever... But mail cannnot be sent or received from the devices.

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    Sync related problems could happen because BES cannot resolve BB users in the GAL. Please try procedure below in attempt to resolve this issue. In case if this does not help, please do not hesitate to contact and we will obtain extra logging to do more precise troubleshooting.

    -Stop BB controller.
    -Open up ‘BlackBerryServer’ profile with Outlook.
    -Hit CTRL+SHIFT+B to open up address book dialog.
    -Choose ‘Global Address List’ in combo box and check if GAL is already populated.
    -If GAL is not populated, please recommend to customer to force GAL sync using the button on zcb logging control.
    -If GAL is populated, it is possible that GAL is not set for resolution – please go to Tools->Options->Switch to the list box titled ‘When sending mail, check names …’ -> add GAL to the list if it is not there already.
    -To check if GAL resolution is working, please try to open new ‘compose mail’ dialog, type one of the names that is present in the GAL in edit box located in front of ‘To’ button and then hit CTRL+K.
    -Outlook should underscore the name confirming that it was resolved.
    -Sync in BES should start function properly once you will confirm that names can be resolved successfully in Outlook as described above.



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    I finally had to reload BES to resolve the issue. Outlook (and the GAL) was syncing fine, but BES would not talk to our handhelds. Zimbra support was very helpful troubleshooting the issue, but I believe it was a BES issue. I did contact BES support, but after an hour or so with them, we were unable to find a resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfrederick View Post
    I finally had to reload BES to resolve the issue.
    What do you mean by "reload BES" ?

    You restarted BES or you re-setup it (with new or old version) ?

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    Please clarify reload bes we are having EXACT issue...

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