Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble getting a blackberry curve 8310 to activate.

I have setup the BES as per Zimbra's BES installation instructions in the exact order they suggest. I am using Blackberry professional/express and only need to activate one user.

All software is upto date and all patches/services packs have been installed.

System - Windows 2003 R2 std, BESconnector 5.0.2683.13, Outlook 2007.

While initializing the user through BBmanager I get a successfull activation pasword sent to the users mailbox, using this password I avtivate the handset which sends another email to the users mailbox


This email then just sits in the users mailbox and does not get processed by the server, eventually the handset times out and activation fails.

I have checked all the services and the BES logs show no noticable errors. I have tried various fixes like starting the services in a particular order but this has not resolved the problem.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.