I'm having issues with BES/ZCB. I managed to get everything installed and activated. However, after activation of the BB device. The controller service seems to stop working. ZCB/BES stops syncing and I would need to restart the controller service for it to sync again. However, after restarting the controller service, it will only sync once then stop again. Could this be a ZCB issue? OR BES? My setup is as follows:

new server: Win2k3 32bit STD, Office/Outlook2007, BB Professional, MAPI/CDO installed, latest ZCB, BlackBerryManager and BlackBerryServer profiles in outlook.

This is a new installed and I followed the instructions on both ZCB and BES.

Any idea? I tried searching the forum, and I saw someone also had this type of problem but the forum died down without any resolution post/reply.

How do I fix this problem?

I can send messages from BES to my device via PIN so I think BES should be working and problem might be in ZCB....