I recently encountered issues where the Blackberry Agent was timing out as indicated by this entry in the MAGT log and not delivering mail or calendar appointments to the Blackberry devices.

Performing system health check (BlackBerry Mailbox Agent 1 - BESX Version
[30038] (06/16 11:39:52.250):{0x550} Worker Thread: *** No Response *** Thread Id=0x1160, Handle=0x1B2C, WaitCount=1, WorkingTime=19 min, LastActivity=19 min, Event: NEW_MESSAGE, User: ahathaway@zenoss.com, Server: mail.zenoss.com, Activity: Handle Internal Sync Data

By re-installing Outlook 2007 without applying SP2, the Timeouts stopped and mail was delivered.

I'm using the latest release of the BES connector. 5.0.16_GA with BES Professional on a Windows Server 2003 using version 6.5.8069.0 of the Microsoft Exchange MAPI/CDO.

Can anyone provide insights as to why this would've happened?