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Thread: Yet another Device Activation Problem

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    Default Yet another Device Activation Problem

    Hello everyone,

    For the past couple of days i've been trying to sort out the problem of device activation with Zimbra + BES. I've followed the instructions from the BES guide and the Zimbra connector guide. Installed the applications in the right order and gave BESAdmin full administrative rights and added the user in the Start as System service in the local policy. The BES is running on Windows 2003 R2 with the latest updates. The server is a standalone and not a part of the AD. As stated in the guide, I've installed the latests service packs for Windows and Office.

    After the install, I deleted and created Outlook profiles for BlackBerryManager and BlackBerryServer. I have also checked that the GAL is synced (all users are there) and after provisioning two users, and stopping the BES services, both users accounts are visible in the Outlook BlackBerryServer profile, their emails are synced and I've also added the @* in the safe sender's list. I've also tried stopping and staring BES services in the right order as stated in the link The correct order to stop and start BES services the back room tech . Looking at the process list and windows services, all BES services are running including Blackberry Agent. I do not see any obvious errors in the logs (attached). I've activated the BES support with my provider - T-mobile UK and after activating, I could see the Enterprise Activation option. I've also ordered Mobile support when i've ordered a Zimbra license. I've also cleaned the device many times prior to attempting the activation.

    My problem is that the device does not get activated. The user receives the email from network@etp<some number> The <some number> bit actually changes with every activation attempt. The message stays in the user's Inbox. No filters are used (brand new account) and I can see a number of these messages piling up in the Inbox. I've also attempted to remove these messages and request a new password and try to activate again. These messages are also visible from Outlook BlackBerryServer profile.

    I am running out of options here and don't know what else I could try. I've also tried to reinstall everything from scratch - same problem. Does anyone know what the problem is and how it can be fixed?

    Many thanks for your help
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