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Thread: [SOLVED] Problems after upgrade to 5.0.18

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    Default [SOLVED] Problems after upgrade to 5.0.18

    yesterday evening I upgraded BES connector to 5.0.18. At first no problems, Blackberries worked. Today the BES stopped working. The current situation:

    When I start the BES controller service, after a minute or so the following message pops up:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library:
    Debug Assertion Failed!
    Program: in Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BlackBerryAgent.exe
    File: dbgheap.c
    Line: 1143
    Expression: _CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)

    When I try to start Outlook manually, it crashes. When I stop BES controller, Outlook starts.

    When I try to start BES Management Console, i get the message:
    An error occured while initializing a MAPI session using the profile "BlackBerryManager". Please review the log for details.

    When I stop BES controller, the Management Console starts.

    In now started BES controller again with the open BesManagement Console, now it worked. Now I also can start Outlook (with the running BES controller).

    But still, nothing gets delivered to the handhelds.

    I'm using Outlook SP2 and BES connector 5.0.18. I tried the BES connector repair.
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