I was just notified about a VIP user who frequently receives Local Failure Notices (LFN) on his BlackBerry device. Of course it's been going on for awhile (at least since July 28th, possibly earlier), but I learned of it today. He had about 24 of them in one recent day, for instance.

Each LFN contains the same kind of data:
Sync Type: Delta Sync
Sync Token: 260287
Store: Zimbra - UserName
Version: 5.0.2711.18
Error IDs:
93755 : File download HTTP error. Error code: 404

There is an attached sync_response.xml file to each email, but I'm not sure how to interpret it. If I could send it to someone here, but not post it publicly, I'd be happy to do so. I searched for entries in the various Blackberry logs on the ZCB server for his account, but didn't see anything alarming (to me).

What file is the system attempting to download? Where should I look to determine that? Most of these notices come in the daytime/evening hours (i.e., not often overnight.)

One xml file I looked at seemed to reference some sub-sub-email folders, but when I administratively look at his email account in webmail, I see the messages in there seem to be from 2008 and therefore I don't think he was trying to do anything with it in the last few days, thus I am puzzled about the error

I didn't have the luxury of speaking with the user, just got to look at the device for a few minutes to see if I could figure it out, so I don't know if the notices occur when another action is being done, such as making a change to an appointment.

I have a BB device myself, and do not get these messages.

We use BPS 4.1.4 + ZCB 5.0.18.

Thanks in advance!