I have BPS 4.1.4 running ZCB beta 3 against a 5.0.10 NE server. I am not able to easily upgrade the Zimbra server to later version.

I had 7 users running on it just fine. Then after having some trouble re-adding the CEO that also led me to restart the ZCB server, 3 other users were knocked off. Every attempt to re-add them is met with an auth password sent to the user, followed by the RIM network data message going to their inbox. After that I get 70 Processing Stopped Invalid PIN, or am met with activating-retry-fail, retry-fail ad infinitum.

I even tried setting up a NEW BPS with a new RIM CAL and SRP etc... but had the same issues.

I am not sure where to go with this unsupported configuration. Is there something on Zimbra that holds PIN records or other BES info that needs to be exorcised?