I thought it might be useful to share some of our experiences as well our setup to help one another out with issues we may encounter.

  1. Are you running a production service?

    We've been running a production service for about a month 90 users split between 2 severs, both running ZCB 5.018
  2. Have you had synchronization stop working for no apparent reason for a number of users (not all)?

    We've had this happen at least 2 times in the last 2 months without a reasonable explanation. Simple restart of the controller starts the synchronization again but calendar entries created during the downtime don't get synchronized even after a restart.

  3. Any other issues that have surfaced for you? Any resolutions?
  4. How many users do you currently have on each servers (if you have more than one)?
  5. How many users do you anticipate to have? Does anyone expect to get to 250 users?
  6. Since the mail is stored on the BES servers and there could potentially be 250 users/server, what, if any mechanisms do you have to avoid storage/disk space issues?

    So far the largest profile we have is 1GB and this only after being on BES for about 1.5months. This also has me a bit worried about data corruption.
  7. Have you looked into any sort of disaster recovery process?