Using the latest version of ZCB and BES 4.1, we seem to be having something simple as an authentication problem between BES and ZCS.

We have established a Global Administrator account for the BES in Zimbra. It seems to have full admin capabilities on the admin web interface (i.e., logging in with this account we can create other accounts, as well as view other account's email, etc). However, when we use the BES command line tool on the BES server to test the activation of any other user account (other than that of the BES admin account in Zimbra) it fails the test of trying to create the IMAP folder for that user account. It will create the test IMAP folder and delete it for itself just fine, so we know it is resolving the Zimbra mail server and able to access it's own account on it.

Is there something we need to do in the COS (we're using the default) in order for the BES admin account to be able to access the normal user email accounts in Zimbra so it can read the mail sent by RIM and do its process to sync the Blackberry? Or perhaps something we need to implement server-side on the Zimbra server to allow the BES admin account to manipulate other users accounts?

The process should work like this:

1. User goes to authorize Blackberry by configuring email and BES password we set for it.
2. RIM sends email to user account.
3. BES Admin account constantly monitors user's Zimbra email account for the RIM email w/ attachment, finds it, does its routine to start the sync and delete the email.

We're stuck on #3. Like I said, it will access the BES Admin Zimbra account just fine, but cannot manipulate anyone else's email, as it should be able to with the Global Administrator access.

Any suggestions?