We need a way of communicating to our BES users in the even the server goes down and we can't send a PIN message via the BlackBerry Manager (this has happened to us).

I came across this article that let's you do this if you have the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Resource Kit installed, please click on the links for more info:

Send a notification PIN message

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Resource Kit supplements the built-in management and reporting capabilities of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with tools that provide administrators with greater flexibility and more insight into specific server operations.

The tools in the kit help administrators monitor, analyze, administer and report on:

* User statistics
* Logging
* Errors
* Usage
* Wireless network coverage
* Message flow
* Environmental issues
* And much more

BlackBerry - Enterprise Server Resource Kit

Just wondering if anyone's installed this and if yes, what's your experience been so far?