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Thread: BB only receives mail after sending

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    Default BB only receives mail after sending

    We are running:
    ZCS 5.0.16
    BES Connector 5.0.18
    Blackberry Manager

    I have a strange problem with all my Blackberry users. We moved to a new server over the weekend. Now, all my BB users say they can only receive emails on their devices when they send one from the BB. For example, they can have many new messages in their inbox, but they will never show up on the BB until they actually send a message from the device. Then, all the messages will come through. So, they are having to send a message to themselves every time they want to retrieve new messages.

    I am not sure what would cause this. Any ideas.


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    Usually this is an indication that BES does not receive notifications from zimbra server about changes. Please try the following in order to resolve this problem:

    - restart BB controller or
    - check connection with zimbra server on port 7071 by executing "telnet 'zimbra server ip' 7071". Port 7071 has to be open.
    - enable zcb logging and post the snippet of the log with 'BlackBerryAgent' component in the name containing 'WaitSetRequest' and 'WaitSetResponse' keywords.
    - if simple steps above do not help, then we may ask to open up support case and supply more logging info

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    I went through all the steps and all phones would still not receive new messages until they sent one out first. I ended up deleting an account from the BES Manager, re-adding and re-provisioning it, now that account works fine. I guess I will have to to this for the rest of my BB users. A pain, but probably the quickest fix at this point.

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