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Thread: [SOLVED] Stable BES/ZCS/Connector versions?

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    Unhappy [SOLVED] Stable BES/ZCS/Connector versions?

    Hi all,

    we're having great deal of problems with ZCS/BES lately. We've installed it 3-4 months ago and all was working perfectly (around 15 BB users). We've changed admin password on windows machine and since then we can't get sync working right.

    Some devices can activate, some can't, sometimes sync stops, etc.

    Can you please give me your exact versions of ZCS/BES/Connector/Windows server that works for you?

    Is there any other way around Zimbra outlook connector that doen's cost a fortune to license?

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    We are running ZCS 5.0.19. On the BES side, we have BES for exchange version 4.1.6 MR4 running on a Windows 2003 server VM and ZCB 5.0.19.

    We are running ZCB+BES with 40 devices and have everything working really well. We have recently changed the admin password on our windows server, but we did not have any issues as a result of that. All of our BES components are running as a service account which we named bes-admin though, so it shouldn't really be tied to the administrator account.

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    Here is more info, starting from zcb 5.0.19, please follow steps below to change windows password. For all versions of zcb prior to 5.0.19, please find list of steps in initial description of Bug 36964 – Password change for windows and bb services breaks ZCB/Bes Sync.

    -Stop BB controller.
    -Change current user’s windows password.
    -Change logon password for all of the BB related windows services
    -Restart OS.
    -Stop BB controller
    -Go to ‘mail profiles’. Open up properties of
    “BlackBerryManager” profile and proceed to “Zimbra Server Configuration
    Settings” panel. Please enter correct admin password on this panel, hit <ok>
    to make sure that connection to Zimbra server succeeded
    -Repeat procedure described on previous step for 'BlackBerryServer' profile
    -Start BB controller
    -Verify that email service is restored

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