Last night updated our Zimbra NE installation from 5.0.10 to 5.0.19_GA_3083.MACOSXx86.NETWORK Sep 18, 2009.

I took the time this afternoon to update our new 'BES' (running BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1.4B) from the BETA3 ZCB to the 5.0.19 ZCB.

About 2:21pm CST, I followed all the upgrade instructions on p25 of "September 2009 Zimbra Mobile Connector for BES - Small Business Edition 5.0.19". HOWEVER since that time NONE of the 6 devices on that BPS have communicated with the server: the Last Contact Time being around 2:21, almost 4 hours ago.

I have tried stopping and restarting the BlackBerry Controller, and restarting the server completely, but there is no change. Hard to see anything useful in the logs, I'm not really a Windows admin. Any help or insight would be very welcome!!!