Not sure how this happened, maybe some of you know the intricacies of BES and can respond.

I was trying to move the CEO to a new BES, which ultimately failed, but I had to reactivate her on the old one. Here is what transpired:

1: Backup entire BB Curve on Desktop Manager (WinXP). Wipe handheld from the handheld itself. Remove account from old BES (ZCB BETA3.)

2: Following RIM instructions, I restore the BB from the bu file from step 1, (I believe some messages/folders were included in sync/restore).

3. I tried activating her against NEW BES, but that failed (as per my other thread) so I re-activated her against the old BES (still ZCB BETA3.)

An hour later, I get a phone call from our CEO asking 'what did I do to her email' and that some old messages from as far back as early October resent to various recipients. One of those old message was resent to a potential client, which can be embarrassing or compromising! Naturally I was drilled for reasons. I have seen of some other instances where old stuff resends, but none that caught me this much flak.

Anybody else explain what could cause old messages to to be re-sent? Any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated.