Hi, I have searched for awhile and don't feel like I've seen the answer for sure, but I'm hoping I'm not asking a stupid question.

We have ZCS 5.0.18 and ZCB 5.0.18 at the moment, and are planning to upgrade the mail servers to ZCS 6.0.3 in January. We have a test server, but I can't really test the Blackberry server ahead of time, so I'm just looking for confirmation/assurance that this transition should go smoothly on the Blackberry end. Has anyone done this? Any roadbumps to report?

As far as I can tell, ZCB 5.0.19 is the latest available, period, and I'm wondering if I should upgrade the ZCB from 5.0.18 to 5.0.19 BEFORE the ZCS upgrade, or at roughly the same time, i.e., just after the ZCS upgrade has proven to work fine?

Any input is appreciated, thank you in advance!