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Thread: BES + multiple domains

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    Default BES + multiple domains

    Our single BES server ( hosts 2 domains ( and I ran zmprov mcf zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT and
    zmprov mcf zimbraGalSyncLdapSearchBase ROOT.

    With this setup should I be able to add BES users for and I've only got 1 user on for the time being, but when I tried to activate her device it wouldn't get past "Activating...". She did receive the BB email in her inbox but it never disappeared and activation never completed.

    I haven't wipe her handheld device yet because I wanted to verify that what I want to do will work before proceeding with wiping the device. Thanks!

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    I beleive that you should be able to activate users from different domains on the same instance of BES. Please open up support case and attach MAGT and zcb log files covering period of time when device was in process of activation.

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