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Thread: Blackberry Messages Undeliverable Error

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    Unhappy Blackberry Messages Undeliverable Error

    Our company has a blackberry server using:
    Server OS 2003 sp2
    Outlook 2007
    ZCS version 5.0.2719.19
    Zimbra version 6.
    and Bes 4.16 mr 7

    Recently all of our users received the subject error when attempting to send messages from thier devices, but can receive ( and all carrier services, firmware, service book resends, reloads, device reboots etc. were checked to rule the carrier, rim relay, and devices out). Formerly these users were sending and receiving with out any issue.
    We have not found any patches installed, or environmental changes.

    • One issue we did notice was the contacts duplicated in the GAL. Steps we took to resolve this were:
    • rebuilding the host mail account,
    • rebooting the bes
    • stopping the blackberry connector,
    • running the zcb in repair mode,
    • then performing the start/run zcologctl.exe, to force the gal,
    • then when we opened the blackberry profile on the bes in outlook the contact
    • entry would not resolve.
    • The bes controller was started.

    Past attempts at working on the Zimbra bes reminded us to wait until it refreshed, yet after an overnight pause - the user error of "Undeliverable" where messages could be received but not send from the blackberry persisted.

    Any questions or assistance is greately appreciated, as we are heading into a weekend with it lingering......

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    Please post the content of the body and attachments if posible of "Undeliverable" message

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    Default Undeliverable Body

    Hi -

    The error "undeliverable" means the blackberry cannot send the message. This is the case for all 10 users on the server, and for every single message they attempt to send. Because the device cannot send the message, I cannot capture it and send it to you.

    This "Undeliverable" shows after the subject in the status line. There is no typical red X. The user also cannot lookup from the blackberry contacts.

    Note the devices have been reactivated, and new service books pushed, they are on various carriers.

    Therefore, something tripped on the server side, we would just like to know how to identify and solve it, without recreating the mapi.
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    Does this "undeliverable" message also appear in the user's Outlook after they try to send from their Blackberry device ?

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    Default Zimbra Tech

    This only affects blackberry messages.

    However, we found a solution.
    Here it is:
    1. Checked the Outlook cache directory (C:\Documents and Settings\"service account"\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) and discovered that the two largest .zdb files belonged to the two MAPI profiles - BlackBerry Server and BlackBerry Manager. The BlackBerryServer(BES Admin).zdb file was 1,317,393 KB and the BlackBerryManager(BES Admin).zdb file was 485,601 KB, indicating a problem with the purge process.
    2. We shutdown the Controller service and logged into Outlook with the BlackBerry Server profile. Demonstrated the problem by composing a new email message and clicking on the To: button to display the GAL, which was blank.
    3. We shutdown Outlook and renamed the BlackBerryManager(BES Admin).zdb and BlackBerryServer(BES Admin).zdb files.
    4. We logged into Outlook using each profile and allowed the new .zdb file to generate (~100 MB).
    5. The BlackBerry Server profile required configuration as described in the Zimbra documentation, whereby the GAL must be added and configured as the default address book.
    6. We logged into Outlook with the BlackBerry Server profile to demonstrate the problem was fixed (the To: button now displays the GAL).
    7. We shutdown Outlook and restarted the Controller service, and tested sending and receiving using the Blackberry device.

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    Default QUESTION ABOUT 4.16 mr7

    I am curious with regard to mr 7. Is there a known issues with this mr, or is it 4.17?

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