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Thread: Problems with email "clumping" and activation

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    Default Problems with email "clumping" and activation

    We had to rebuild one of our BES servers recently and decided to go virtual. We've been having 2 problems.

    Problem 1: At least 2 users are experiencing "clumping" where their messages are not being delivered to their device until they send a message or read an old one. This triggers all delayed messages to be delivered.

    Forwarding their mail to a test account and adding the test account to BES or putting them on a static agent gets the mail going but putting them back to the same pool results in the same issue.

    We have deleted them from BB manager, stopped the controller, deleted the .zdb file, restarted the controller but the problem persists. It seems like it's hanging onto something in that agent - despite a restart of the Controller and server.

    Problem 2: Some users are unable to activate (BB logs shows: GetDeviceId() did not return a PIN but user is getting the network messages to in the inbox, there's no forwarding, etc). However if we move the user to a static agent they're able to activate.

    All users were running fine before the rebuild.

    Any suggestions as to what the issue could be? We didn't have either of these problems on the physical machines so perhaps it's the way our VM is configured.
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