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Thread: ZCB Log File Directory - HUGE

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    Default ZCB Log File Directory - HUGE

    Our BES server ran out of disk space yesterday, with nearly 30GB of log files in the c:\logs folder which appears to be the home for ZCB logs. I have attached a screenshot, appears to do roughly 300MB of logs per day. I don't know if this is normal as we are new to it - anything I can do to better manage this? Things seem to be working again for the most part so I don't know if this level of logging is normal.

    When I did my setup a month or so ago I think enabled some additional logging on the connector for troubleshooting - when I went to look at zcologctl.exe, it has "enable logging" NOT checked, so I'm not sure if I can turn it off with this method?

    I moved a bunch of files out of the log directory yesterday to make space and things blew up and had to reactivate all blackberries, so I want to try and figure out how I can manage this going forward.
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