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Thread: BES connector, how?

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    Default BES connector, how?

    So I have a 3 node ZCS install functioning and routing email now I need to test with BES.

    How do I do this?

    I have tried installing the ZCS connector for BES SMB but the install fails everytime with "The Installer was interrupted before ZCS Connector for BES SMB could be installed. You need to restart the installed to try again. Click "close" to exit". I have rebooted twice hoping that would solve it but it didn't. Restarting the install just gives me that error again.

    Lets presume for a second that the isntall worked fine, at this point then I need to install Atlas from GMV?

    Please help I really need to get this installed and tested.

    installing the ZCS connector to a fresh win 2k3 64bit install fully patched.
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